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25 March 2010 @ 12:45 am
FS: Milk White Narin/Narea body & MANY extras  
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What I'm selling:
- Milk White urethane Classic Narin
- Milk White urethane modded Narae body (no breasts)
- old knee system
- MW new open hands
- MW new fist hands
- original green arcylic eyes (so not the eyes he is wearing)
- original white mohair wig (not on photos, it's modded heavily)
- original paper
- original box & padding
- faceup done by Sabriell (me)
- 4 Limited Leekeworld wigs ** (see note below)
- 3 gorgeously made jeans by 3Lysa
- 3 tanktops (by Brennil, Her delicate strength)
- 2 vests (by Brennil, Her delicate strength)
- 5 v-neck shirts (by Brennil, Her delicate strength)
- 2 high neck shirts (by Brennil, Her delicate strength)
- 5 pair of shoes from Leekeworld

** I have ordered 3 more wigs from ndoll, if they arrive before the doll has been sold or shipped they will be added for free, but only if you buy everything with the doll) [1][2][3]

***the dark grey points are optional!!

- $550 for the Doll, extra hands and original items
- $1000 for the doll, extra hands, original items and every extra item

By Paypal, credit or balance
no extra fees

The Netherlands || Europe

Priority airmail Worldwide
if you want to use a different service let me know, extra charges are for you
PM me for Shippingquote.

up the 500Euro in Europe
up to 46Euro/146Euro worldwide

Not prefered, but if must, 2 to 3 weeks
10% non-refundable

Non atm

Questions or offers:
Feel free to PM me on DoA [Sabriell]
or send me a note on DA [thystoryteller]


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I hope he'll be re-homed fast ^^
Thank you for looking.

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